My Research

The field of dust explosion research is a sub-field of two overlapping areas: industrial hazards and multiphase reactive systems. The research in this area covers a broad spectrum from determining the fundamental chemical and physical processes responsible for ignition and propagation of explosions, to developing applied engineering principals to prevent, mitigate, and protect from loss.

My particular area of research is focused on determining the fundamental processes occurring near the flame front during explosion of hybrid mixtures of combustible dust and flammable gas. Specifically, I will characterize the structure of hybrid flames, determine the dominant physical and chemical processes, and quantify their impact on the flame propagation speed and limits of flammability.

My research focuses heavily on theoretical modelling and computer simulation. I am looking to apply concepts from combustion theory to develop theoretical models that can predict the behavior of hybrid flames. I am also developing computer simulation methods to use a a research tool for exploring hybrid systems and verifying the theoretical models.