Do you want to offer your product or service to the community?

Do you want to offer your product or service to the community?

Sponsor the weekly email newsletter to increase brand exposure, advertise your products and services, and get traffic to your website.



The newsletter audience includes business owners, fire protection specialists, risk consultants, explosion equipment and service providers, and industry regulators.

The website ranks well in search engines and attracts a readership across food processing, grain handling, metalworking, power generation, pharmaceutical, wood working, recycling and manufacturing industries who are interested in:

  • Dust Explosion and Fire Prevention
  • Combustible Dust Safety
  • Safe Handling of Bulk Powders
  • Industrial Hygiene
  • Explosion Protection Strategies
  • Equipment for Explosion Prevention and Protection



The email newsletter has an engaged audience of 475+ Members with an average 46.3% Email Open Rate and 18.0% Click Rate.

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Cost: $595 USD per month (4-5 newsletters), paid in advance, no refunds, no guarantee of performance.


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Hear from our previous sponsors below:


“We sponsored the newsletter to support the community and raise awareness for our company and services, as well as the dangers of combustible dust. As specialists in helping to prevent combustible dust fires and explosions, sponsorship provided greater visibility for Industrial Fire Prevention, and resulted in over 50 downloads of our industry guide “The Ultimate Guide to Fire and Explosion Prevention” Thanks, Chris!”

Jeff Nichols

Managing Partner, Industrial Fire Prevention, LLC

Milledgeville, Georgia

Dr.-Ing. Johannes Lottermann

“We at REMBE® believe that people should not suffer from the effects of deadly explosions as appropriate safety approaches of all types are available. Everyone who contributes to make the world a safer place is well appreciated.

Chris Cloney requires with his fantastic and mostly volunteered work, a maximum amount of respect but also support from the entire Explosion Safety Community. Thus, we were absolutely happy to sponsor the newsletter, as we believe in the great value he commits to the steady growing network around him.

I would fully support anyone to invest in his mission!”

Dr.-Ing. Johannes Lottermann

Director Explosion Safety, REMBE® SAFETY + CONTROL

Brilon, Germany